• How do I get to the hotel in Mechelen?

– If you fly into Brussels Airport (all major airlines):

Direct trains connect Brussels Airport to Mechelen station. The train ride takes only 11 minutes (two trains per hour).



– If you fly into Brussels-South Airport (Ryanair and other budget carriers)

Every 30 minutes a shuttle coach leaves the airport for Brussels-Midi station (it takes about 1 hour).

Direct trains connect Brussels-Midi to Mechelen station. The train ride takes about 20 to 30 minutes (three trains per hour).



– From Mechelen station you can take a taxi to the hotel (Het Anker, Guido Gezellelaan 49, 2800 Mechelen).


  • Where do I stay?

– Mechelen:   Het Anker

– Watou:  Brouwershuis

– Bruges:   Cordoeanier


  •  What kind of vehicle will we be using?

The airconditioned, 20-seater minibus we use is the perfect means of transport for this tour. It allows us to navigate easily in the city and is perfect to drive along narrow country roads.

Please note that we will not be using a large and luxury touring bus. Belgium is a small country, we won’t be covering very long distances during the tour (total distance covered will be around 600 kilometers/ 400 miles)

We do want to mention that there is only limited luggage space in the bus, so we want to ask you to travel light (1 piece of luggage per person).