Crafts and Classics

Many years ago, Urbain Coutteau was an ostriche breeder and a homebrewer. The ostriches have long gone, but the beer is still there. From their Struise headquarters, Urbain and his team are causing a revolution in the Belgian beer scene.  Try their Pannepot (Old Fisherman’s Ale, 10% ABV) and Black Albert (Belgian Royal Stout, 13% ABV).

Although members of the Rodenbach family played a key role in the Belgian Revolution of 1830, they will forever be remembered for beers like Rodenbach Classic (5,2% ABV) and Rodenbach Grand Cru (6% ABV). A walk in the ‘Foederzaal’ with its 294 oak casks, some nearly 200 years old, is definitely one of the highlights of this tour.

After checking in, we will set out for dinner and an evening stroll through the cobblestoned streets of picturesque Bruges.